The Climb is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Committed to increasing the number of women of color in corporate and nonprofit managerial and leadership positions.

Who We Are

A nonprofit association dedicated to supporting women of color who are aspiring managers or executives in their career progression through shared experiences, connections, and professional development

The Climb Inc. was created after our founder, Felicia Smith, recalled key moments in her career, where she could’ve really use the guidance and wisdom from women of color in positions that she sought to obtain. She often sought out women that could understand what it felt like to be the only or a few in work spaces, and how to navigate in ways that were authentic to herself.

When she became a senior leader, she saw women of color struggle to navigate from individual contributors to managers and leaders. She knew that if women of color could get the support, connection, and development needed, we could see an increase in the women of color in leadership positions. With the goal of providing a safe space through shared connection and development, the climb was born.

When given opportunities and access, women of color will continue to shatter the glass ceiling and bring change in the workplace. 
Felicia Smith
Founder - The Climb

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