The Climb is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to the professional and economic advancement of women of color through fostering community, mentorship programming and professional development training.

Why Partner with us?

  • Global Investors are increasingly focused on ESG issues in their investment strategies. Roughly 89% of investors considered ESG issues in some form as part of their investment approach in 2022. Partnership with The Climb can help improve your company’s standing with socially conscious/ESG investors.

  • The Climb demonstrates to employees, customers and industry partners that your organization is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and the professional development of your workforce.

  • The Climb’s board brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, passion, and cultural sensitivity, providing a robust platform and a safe space that actively supports the professional development of women of color, propelling them to advance in their careers.

  • We are offering a women of color leadership development program with mentoring by executive women of color. Studies show that people prefer mentoring relationships with those who share their demographic identity.

Types of Corporate Partnerships

The Climb is actively seeking partnerships with businesses and corporations that share our passionate commitment to increasing the representation of women of color in leadership and executive roles. Collaborating with us offers numerous ways for corporations to support our mission.


By becoming a corporate sponsor, you can provide in valuable financial support or in-kind donations to The Climb, in exchange for prominent recognition and branding opportunities. Your organization’s generosity will be spotlighted at our events and in promotional materials.


Join forces with The Climb on a compelling campaign or initiative and contribute a percentage of your sales or revenues to advance our cause. This meaningful partnership not only promotes your products or services but also champions the empowerment of women of color in leadership.


Our partnership extends to service projects and educational programs, where we can collaborate to make a significant impact. Corporations partnering with The Climb can be instrumental in creating positive change in the professional development of women of color.


Consider contributing goods or products to The Climb, which will be instrumental in supporting our organization’s efforts. These donations play a pivotal role in empowering women of color to ascend to managerial and executive positions.


Imagine The Climb teaming up with your corporation to launch a dynamic marketing campaign that resonates with a shared commitment to women of color’s professional advancement. This collaboration could include co-branded products, events, or public awareness campaigns that leave a lasting impression on your audience and elevate our mission.

Together, we can drive significant change and create an inclusive and equitable future forwomen of color in leadership. Your partnership with The Climb can make a substantialdifference in achieving this vision.

Types of Non-Profit Partnerships

The Climb enthusiastically welcomes collaborations with fellow nonprofits, united in our mission to empower women of color in their pursuit of managerial and executive roles. Together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes, including shared resources, cost-efficiency, and a more extensive sphere of influence.


Our ambition to empower women of color extends to building symbiotic relationships with other nonprofits. By partnering with us, you can benefit from our specialized professional development services at The Climb Board Room. In return, we are eager to explore alliances that offer training or consulting services to enhance our collective impact.


At the Climb, we recognize the value of knowledge exchange. We are keen to foster partnerships with other nonprofits willing to share their expertise, research, and best practices. Such collaboration promises advancements in program design, more effective evaluation methods, and an overall enhancement of our shared mission.


To address the systemic challenges women of color face in leadership roles, we are eager to build coalitions and networks that bring together the strengths of multiple nonprofits. Together, we can create a powerful alliance, sharing vital information and leveraging collective resources to champion our cause.


In addition to the aforementioned partnership types, The Climb is also open to strategic fundraising collaborations. This type of partnership involves working collectively with other nonprofits to launch joint fundraising campaigns, secure grants, and expand our donor base. By combining our efforts, we can access additional funding resources to drive our mission forward and make a greater impact.

We invite like-minded nonprofits to join us in this vital journey towards equity and inclusivity in leadership roles. By working together, we can make a meaningful impact and create a brighter future for women of color in executive and managerial positions.

The Climb…

Stands out as a rare organization devoted to addressing the diverse personal and professional development requirements of women of color across a wide array of industries and sector.