Standing on Her Shoulders Leadership Development Program

Standing on Her Shoulders Program focuses on engaging women of color on their journey to leadership. Our program partners with women of color executives, also known as executive champions across various industries and sectors, to assist in providing these women with leadership development, self-awareness, relationship building, critical thinking, and communication from the perspective of current women of color leaders.

Program objectives

Using a blended learning approach, the participants will embark on a five-month program to:

  • Identify critical skills needed to transition into leadership positions.
  • Fundamentals of emotional intelligence and how it is used as a tool and weapon for women of color in the workplace.
  • Building solid professional networks to propel your career.
  • The fundamentals of management and leadership.

Program Design

  • Monthly cohort workshops.
  • Monthly one on one engagement with an executive champion.
  • Four sessions with a leadership coach.
  • Three fireside chats on “Being a woman of color in leadership.”
  • Weekend culminating Retreat and program closeout with participants and executive champion.


  • Values-Driven Leadership: Identifying her values and leadership style.
  • Resiliency: Learn resiliency strategies for women of color in the workplace.
  • Career Clarity: Identifying desired career position(s) and the assignments and skills and developing a career roadmap & action plan.